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Raptor Meet and Greet (Let’s Get Outdoors) 

Guests will meet all of the birds at Arizona’s Raptor Experience during this activity. Natural history, conservation issues, raptor husbandry, and much more will be discussed. Hands-on interaction with three birds is included. A flight demonstration experience can also be arranged.

Owl Encounter

Many people are partial to owls – this activity focuses exclusively on these specialized predators and includes an introduction to owl biology, ecology and natural history. The opportunity to photograph each bird in a natural setting is included. And…we also include a once-in-a lifetime interaction between you and a Eurasian Eagle Owl which you can hold on your fist!

Nature in Focus – photography sessions

This activity offers photographers of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to capture images of a variety of raptors in natural settings. Paul is an award winning, published photographer who also teaches the craft. His combined knowledge of birds and photography make this an exceptional experience.

  Photos by Dr. Eric Gofreed.

Raptors in the Modern World (offered on-site or we can travel to you!)

This is a hands-on educational opportunity for groups of all sizes and ages. Sharing live raptors and describing their important role in the environment, we cover a variety of important conservation topics tailored to meet the needs of your group/event. Interaction with the birds will leave a lifelong impression on participants and foster a desire to learn about and protect our earth’s remaining natural resources.

Didn’t find what you need? We’ll be happy to tailor a program to your specific needs!

Also available: our traveling programs can include one or more live birds

Paul‘s lifelong fascination with the icon of the Great Plains is evident in this reenactment of an 1870’s bison hunter.  Based on the real-life biography of Frank Mayer (1850-1954) Paul, dressed in period garb, displays antique rifles, a bison hide and skull, and Native American artifacts.  Bison biology and ecology, Native American uses of the bison, the Sharps rifle and bison hunting techniques will be explained and demonstrated in this brutal period in American wildlife and Native American history.  A question and answer period follows.

Nature Journaling

Paul has kept a journal of his experiences and travels every day since 1974. He is therefore equipped to teach this subject to students who likewise express themselves through the printed word – or now, record digitally. Paul has been an active member of the NYS Outdoor Writers Association since 1988, and served as Treasurer and Photo Contest Chairman.

Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethic

The late, great natural scientist and author Professor Aldo Leopold, whose conservation philosophy is recorded in his classic, seminal work A Sand County Almanac, is highlighted in all of our programs. Paul became a Leopold Education Project Facilitator in 2003 and shares Leopold’s profoundly important land ethic message with teachers and older audiences. (Note: an ethic calls us to a higher level of responsibility and integrity.)

Western Raptors: Their Natural History and Future

What is in store for wildlife and raptors in the western U.S. in the coming decades? Our visit will include a discussion on five species found in Arizona and the West.


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