Our History

Conservation is best approached afield with a shovel, fire, hammer and nails, axe or some other tool rather than from a sofa, armchair or computer screen!” 

–  P. Schnell 02.26.2016 

DSC_0239Arizona’s Raptor Experience, LLC was formed when Paul and Anne Schnell, its co-owners, moved to Arizona from upstate New York in 2015. The Schnells ran the Institute for Environmental Learning (IEL) which incorporated in 1992 as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization in the state of New York. Having similar goals, the Schnell’s own and operate the two businesses in Arizona and continue the mission of IEL which is to elevate people’s awareness and most importantly encourage their participation in conservation efforts.

Clients are sometimes surprised to learn that, unlike the vast majority of conservation organizations today, Paul and Anne will NEVER accept a cent of taxpayer’s money (e.g. government or private grant dollars).  Their business model is built upon hard work, clear goals, transparency, honesty and providing virtually unheard of opportunities and experiences for conservation-minded, science-driven visitors!

Conversation or Conservation?
There are the conservation talkers and then there are the conservation doers. The Schnell’s repurposed home and three raptor mews are located on 40 acres at 5000′ elevation and serves as a potent demonstration of responsible actions homeowners can pursue that meaningfully benefit the environment and wildlife. The property utilizes solar power (2015), rainwater collection, xeriscaping, water features, a fruit orchard (2016) and native plantings for wildlife, and nest boxes for American Kestrels, Western Screech Owls and Western Bluebirds. As veteran naturalists, Paul and Anne try to practice every day what they teach their visitors.

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The Three Mews – Parthenon, Lyceum, Coliseum